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This project is a living collaboration between community members, The LadyParts Collective and any future institution that wishes to use this project to spark a dialogue on their campus.

We encourage  participants of this project to share stories, thoughts, challenges, and successes so that interested schools can learn from and build on the experiences of others.  As more campuses use our script as a tool, we will share stories in the form of a blog on this website, so check back soon!  


Let's create a community focused on making sexual violence obsolete.


I am sharing because I went to the first performance of this at Moorpark College and I was floored. These women did an absolutely incredible job humanizing all of the ugly, scary, and confusing things about sexual assault. If you can't make it to the festival, please share this post so that this production gets the notoriety and attention it deserves. It should truly be shown at every new student orientation on every college campus across America. #metoo
-Audience Member

It's a timely piece built from the ground up that tackles sexual harassment and rape culture, specifically on college campuses. A thoughtful piece that is as compelling as it is thought-provoking.  

                                              - Audience Member


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